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Industrial agglomeration area construction, Nanyang important support of the new span.

The morning of February 16, 2011, led by vice governor Shi Jichun the provincial government of key projects to observe the group, to visit our city agglomeration, reviews project to promote the work.

Along the way, the way of surprise, Shi Ji Chun pleased to see Nanyang 14 Industrial Zone clustering effect further enhanced, investment ideas to further make clear, to further promote the city in interactive. He said, with the growing polymerization, industrial agglomeration energy of Nanyang, the traditional agricultural city, will form a large number of new industrial base and the characteristics of industrial clusters, thus speeding up the process of new industrialization, provide powerful support for Nanyang to achieve a new leap forward.

The office of the provincial government leaders and other 17 provincial cities, 11 provincial department heads to participate in the demonstration. City leaders Mu Weimin, Zhu Changqing, Yongsheng, Cui Jun attended the demonstration.

Nanyang, industrial agglomeration to boost the leaping development

The provincial government organization of this project is to observe, to enter in 2011 after the first.

Mayor Mu Weimin passionately to delegation members introduced the city industrial development gathering area. He said, Nanyang in accordance with the requirements of "focus on sustainable, emphasizes the improvement, focusing on planning, mainly for the people", in order to promote ecological environment and coordinated economic and social development as the main line, to promote "a carrier, three systems" construction (in industry cluster district as the carrier, a modern industrial system, modern urban system, the construction of independent innovation system), vigorously implement the project driven, brand driven, innovation driven, service driven, strong implementation of investment multiplication plan and investment plan of action, efforts to promote infrastructure construction, enhance the agglomeration level of development, industrial agglomeration area construction has achieved remarkable results.

Mu Weimin briefly reviews the development course of industrial agglomeration areas in our city. He said, in 2009, Nanyang leaders, experts, scholars under the guidance of painstaking research, demonstrates various industrial agglomeration area development planning. In 2010, the city adhere to the scientific development concept as a guide, the industry gathering area and the construction of the project as the top priority of economic work, and actively improve the policy support system, establish a sound working mechanism to promote, increase capital attraction strength, to promote a strong infrastructure and the construction of key projects, industrial agglomeration area planning construction speeds up the advancement.

Show that the development of the practice of Nanyang, the industrial district is to accelerate development, accelerate the transformation of economic structure, transform, optimize the best platform for development mode, is the new engine leading economic and social science development. Statistics showed that last year, the city's industrial agglomeration area of investment in fixed assets totaled 46950000000 yuan, accounting for the city's urban fixed asset investment of 40.8%; to achieve operating income 95000000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 83.6%; total enterprises 1519, 366 more than in 2009, including industrial enterprises 1057, employment 180000 people.

High tech Zone, independent innovation and make the development of highland

16 day at eight fifteen in the morning, to observe the team along State Road 312 north into the first stop in Nanyang high tech Industrial zone.

Nanyang high tech Zone, in 2010 September by the State Council officially approved the upgrade to state-level high-tech industrial zone. In the rapid development, the region in accordance with the "industrial Li area, project Xing District, hi tech industrial district" ideas, relying on the introduction and cultivation of leading enterprises, adhere to equal emphasis, has formed the equipment manufacturing, optoelectronics, new materials and other pillar industries.

In 2010, Nanyang hi tech Industrial Zone has achieved great development. The new industrial projects throughout the year in 13, a total investment of 3090000000 yuan, which was completed and put into production in the optical group, an annual output of 240000 sets of optical engine production period and the second group 30-40 large digital drilling machines and 400 sets of oil rig accessories, golden electrical company an annual output of 5000 sets of ultra high pressure and photoelectric transformer industry of a period, entrepreneurship center lighting standards plant a period, Nanyang Aobo international logistics companies Logistics Park 9 projects; 3 characteristics of park and the 4 major road construction is completed; the signing in large-scale trade promotion activities in project 27, a total investment of 11430000000 yuan.

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